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Under the guidance, support and vision provided by our founders Mr. Ashok Kalal & Harshita Kalal whose solid industry experience is over 22+ Years, having held various integral roles to successfully contribute towards the growth of our industry; be as a direct seller, leader, mentor, coach, trainer and key managerial position to inculcate a sense of expertise and confidence in running numerous direct selling businesses.
Megawing Private Limited is established with a simple aim and objective to provide ample employment opportunities to India’s young and budding professionals who are willing to make a conscious change in their lives and work tirelessly in order to fulfill their dreams and aspirations towards bring an upliftment in their standard of living.An entrepreneurial mindset and the urge to make exponential growth and leadership can make wonders in appointing the right independent business owners for the destined success of Megawing Private Limited.
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In terms of career opportunity, In terms of internal & external growth with the satisfaction of fulfilment of dreams of life.

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Nurturing leadership refers to the process of developing individuals to become effective leaders who can guide and inspire others towards a common goal.

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We are committed to providing high-quality products/services that meet and exceed our customers' expectations.

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We prioritize our customers' satisfaction, and we work hard to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our products/services.


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Our Mission at Megawing is to create a dedicated team of supporters and changemakers for the Indian Direct Selling Industry who are focused and centered to carry out series of steps to be followed by our vast network of independent business owners for the well being of their own and be motivated to achieve massive success...

The vision by Megawing Management is to create and provide an ecosystem of hardworking, sincere and dedicated community of independent business owners who are willing and eager to eradicate the menace of unemployment from our nation by providing them a direction for better tomorrow, join the path towards unmatched success and promote the benefits of direct selling...

• Dedication • Product profile • Right Duplication • Commitment • One Family One Agenda • Social Responsibility • Pure Intention • Lead by example • Grow together • Megaforce for Megawork are our core values,the guiding principles that define who you are as an organization and guide your decision-making. They should be authentic, meaningful, and reflective of Megawing organization's culture and mission.

Team Members

Meet Our Amazing Team Members

Get to Know the Dedicated Professionals Behind Our Success and Discover How Their Expertise and Passion Drive Our Commitment to Excellence.


Mr.Ashok Kalal

Founder & CEO

Mrs.Harshita Kalal

Managing Director





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